February 8, 2017

Rust and Refind: it’s the finding of old “things”, again, and the juxtaposition of rustic and refined. Redefined, Repurposed, Refreshed, Recycled, Renewed, Refinished. These “R” words breathe new life into things that are old, worn, or have lost their appeal until seen in a new light. Rust and Refind suggests an eclectic mix of finds, or the opposites attract of home decor, both sides of the railroad tracks, if you will, such as a barn door and a chandelier. A home that has an eclectic, collected over time feel is a home that tells a story.

I am an upstate New Yorker that has lived in the south and overseas since I was 18. An Army wife since 1992, I’ve had to decorate homes quickly, and collected a broad and eclectic range of must haves from all our travels and assignments, and make those must haves work together. I’ve learned to appreciate and like many home decorating styles from those places and from experiencing other peoples’ homes from around the world. This exposure helped me envision and see a redefining of decor in the American home, along with years of watching HGTV, perusing home decor magazines, managing an antique home décor shop, trolling antique shows, flea markets, and barn sales.
I could have several homes, with different styles, treasures and stories. But, our one home has a sense of many styles and tells our story in, what I feel, is a very interesting and organized chapter book. After life style adjustments such as leaving the active military life when my husband retired (ah, stability), and becoming soon to be empty-nesters, I searched for an outlet to express my wide range of décor appreciation, fanatical organization, finding and transforming “picks”, and wanting to help others find and collect their own along the way. Thus, this passion has turned into a business, and so the story of Rust and Refind begins.

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